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About the cultivate method
"I’ve seen firsthand that with the right knowledge and skills, anyone can build a successful marketing strategy."

Ada Chen, CEO & Founder

Businesses across every industry struggle with marketing

I've always been surrounded by entrepreneurs, and I know from firsthand experience that marketing your business is hard. You may be missing a lot of easy wins, not know how to evaluate marketing opportunities or be spending too much of your time, energy and money on tactics or consultants that haven’t really grown your business.

On top of that, most of the content that's on the internet is "marketing for marketers", meaning it's highly technical and rarely actionable for small businesses and entrepreneurs.

That’s why I created The Cultivate Method: the modern marketing method for small businesses and entrepreneurs. 

how is the cultivate method different?
Strategies based on real-life experience

The best practices and strategies I learned in Silicon Valley shouldn't just benefit startups and tech companies - Before founding The Cultivate Method, I built a successful career in tech where I learned how to sell and market products firsthand. I spent years building 20-person startups from the ground up and later scaled marketing strategies at a large, corporate tech company where I drove 30% year-over-year growth for my product. 

The Cultivate Method is a marketing methodology based on my real-life experience and strategies I learned in the industry. 

We focus on:

  1. Long-term strategy over short-term tactics
  2. Empowering you, because you know your business best
  3. A deliberate, thoughtful and prioritized approach to marketing

If you've been frustrated with running your own marketing, unclear on what's working and what's not, you're in the right place. There are no silver bullets or shortcuts to growth. Instead, I believe that stepping back, taking time to evaluate your business' needs and using The Cultivate Method will lead you to sustainable growth.

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