December 15, 2020
Meet the Woman Behind a New Approach to Wellness

Building a business can be tough, which is why wellness is so important for entrepreneurs. Some find that outdoor activities help them deal with the stress of entrepreneurship, while others pursue meditative activities like exercising or crafting. Today, we’re excited to share the story behind one entrepreneur’s new approach to wellness. 

Olivia Bowser is a certified meditation and mindfulness teacher, and the CEO & Founder of Liberate. Liberate is the world’s first-ever mental wellness studio, where participants practice a flow of movement, reflection journaling, conversation and meditation to empower themselves. Describing her entrepreneurial journey, Olivia says, “I wanted to create a space where physical movement, mental wellness, and community came together as one.”

Up until recently, Olivia spent her career working for better-for-you startups, where she led brand building and marketing efforts. She always had a natural pull towards the health and wellness space, and like many others, a desire to create something of her own. So Olivia describes the decision to leave her full-time job at Rael and working full-time on Liberate as a “truly liberating journey so far.” 

We asked Olivia about what she’s learned so far, what she wants to share with others, and what inspires her approach to marketing.

What is one piece of advice you would give to a new founder or entrepreneur?

If you build it, they won't come. When you build your company, it's a huge milestone worth celebrating, and it’s like reaching an initial mountaintop. That said, it's just the beginning. When you build it, you will work hard and consistently and then maybe, slowly, some people will come. There is always another mountain to climb, and I believe that if you keep climbing, the view will be worth it.

What is one tip you would want to share with entrepreneurs so they can save their time, money and/or energy?

My most valued ritual to protect my energy is to create space for myself with slow, purposeful mornings. Every morning I meditate, read The Book of Awakening, and practice yoga. It's a rather time consuming ritual, but by creating time for it, I'm creating space in my mind and a calmer inner state to carry with me throughout the day. This helps me direct my energy to listen better in meetings, speak more thoughtfully, and breathe more consistently throughout the day. All extremely important things! 

Olivia Bowser, CEO & Founder of Liberate
Olivia Bowser, CEO & Founder of Liberate

What is your personal and professional support network like?

I have an extremely supportive personal and professional network. It's important to surround yourself with expanders, human beings who reflect your potential and inspire opportunity. These relationships seem to be organic, but I'm sure my energy is seeking them out simultaneously!

If you can, find someone who can act as a mentor to you. If you are extremely organized but lack the creativity for big campaign ideas, perhaps you can connect with a creative strategist who's full of engaging ideas. I recommend surrounding yourself with those who compliment your existing skill set.

What is the most memorable marketing campaign you’ve ever seen?

The I Will What I Want campaign by Under Armour with Misty Copeland. This campaign tells the story of the challenges Misty faced and overcame to make history. It is incredibly inspiring, encouraging resilience and hard work to achieve your dreams.

This campaign was meaningful to me because I feel often in life we are put into a box. This box tells us and the world what we are capable of, how we should spend our time, what career we should pursue, and the link. The I Will What I Want campaign was a reminder to me that I determine my space, my worth, what future, and no box can contain my dreams!

Liberate’s virtual classes are available worldwide, all you need is a body and an open mind. To learn more about Olivia and Liberate, visit their website and Instagram

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