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Gearing up for Growth: February 2021

Every month, I'm recapping marketing news from around the internet. In this month’s recap, learn about how to get TikTok famous, the latest content marketing trends for B2C and B2B, how to celebrate Black History Month as a brand, and the latest hot app, Clubhouse.

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Gearing up for Growth: December 2020

Ada Chen

Every month, I'm recapping marketing news from around the internet. In this month’s recap, learn about Black Friday Cyber Monday 2020 (BFCM), influencer marketing for vaccines, and social media hacks that work.
Meet public radio’s entrepreneurial Africa correspondent

Ada Chen

Most of us consume the news day-in and day-out without giving much thought to who the reporters behind the stories are, and it turns out, being a reporter is very similar to being an entrepreneur. Today, I’m sharing the story behind one reporter’s journey from behind-the-scenes production work to international news correspondent. 
How I Keep The Cultivate Method’s Marketing Organized

Ada Chen

An entrepreneur friend asked me to share how I keep The Cultivate Method's marketing organized, so here's a deep dive on my organizational system. It's built from my previous experiences as a solo marketing team at a startup and from years of being in corporate.
Customer Acquisition Cost: What is it and what’s a good one?

Ada Chen

One metric that all entrepreneurs need to know is their customer acquisition cost, or CAC. In this blog post, we'll discuss how to calculate CAC, average costs across industries and what to do with this information.
Meet the Woman Behind a New Approach to Wellness

Ada Chen

Building a business can be tough, which is why wellness is so important for entrepreneurs. Today, we’re excited to share the story behind Olivia Bowser and Liberate's new approach to wellness. 
Build Your 2021 Marketing Plan in 3 Easy Steps

Ada Chen

The end of the year is the perfect time to start strategizing and planning ahead to set you and your business up for success in the new year. We’ve broken down how to build a flexible marketing plan into 3 easy steps.
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